The Best Ways To Check Rankings In The Search Engines

online searchSearch engine optimization is a term that most people whom have daily or even monthly contact with computers are pretty familiar with. However, most people, though they might know, generally speaking, what a search engine is and how to optimize one will not completely understand how it works. This is to say nothing about being able, after you have optimized your engine, to check your online rankings to see just how optimized it really is!

If that all sounds a bit convoluted and head spinning, do not worry too much, even though it often is. Here we will be breaking everything you wanted to know about how to check your online rankings in the search engine schema to find out just how well your SEO systems are doing for you! The alternative SEO method is to find an SEO agency in Fort Myers Florida to do the work for you, or any other local seo in your area. The process is not difficult, but having someone else do things for you is always an easier way to go.

Let us start our examination of search engine optimization by looking at how they work, more specifically, how Google works. Google here is chosen as a example due to the fact that it is simply the most popular and by far the most powerful search engine out there. It is also important to note that though this is not across the board most search engines, such as Bing and Maxathon, operate along very similar lines – so without further adieu let’s get right into it.

Google tailors your searches to individual taste, in short, it customizes them. How does it do this, you might ask? It does it by taking all of the things you have searched within the last one hundred and eighty days of activity on the internet and indexes for frequency. Once it has done this the program will cook up the search results it think are most fitting for you. No one (save for the Google executives) know precisely how they rank websites but what is known is that personal behavior plays a very important role. A good example of this is, say a local company website that you happen to frequent. They way Google’s (and many other search engines) will react to this is to place that particular website at the top or very near the top of your search even if, normally, many other websites would rank much higher about purely in terms of popularity and internet presence.

Needless to say, it’s a bit of a tangled skein and can cause quite a bit of confusion. For example, if you are a exec at a big firm that requires a SEO report about their company website and it appears as number one to you but is actually number six in non personalized searches this can be quite a problem. So what to do? The first thing to do is to turn off personalized search on whatever search engine you happen to be using, whether it Google, Bing or whatever. Next tailor your location to where the website is actually located, for instance, if you are searching for a business in the United Kingdoms change your location accordingly. Also be sure to open a new window every time you input a new term for search. Incognito and similar search options will also greatly assist with giving a unbiased result about the real status of your particular website as there will be no search results saved therein. Follows these steps and you can’t go wrong!

What Is PPC Marketing

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing? PPC marketing is a unique way of utilizing search engine ads in order to generate more targeted clicks to your site instead of getting clicks organically. Sponsored advertisements are marked with yellow labels found near the top and along the right hand side of Google’s SERPS (search engine results page).

How PPC Marketing Works

Each time someone clicks your ad and sends them to your site, you’ll pay the search engine a fee, which is exactly why it’s known as pay per click advertising. Once your PPC campaign is carefully planned and running at an optimal level, your fee will be somewhat insignificant since the user’s visit is literally worth more to you and your business than the actual fee you’re required to pay. For instance, if you pay $8 per click, but the click itself leads to a $250 sale, then clearly using a PPC marketing strategy in order to gain sales is the best way to go.

Overall, PPC marketing benefits everyone for the following reasons:

1. Benefits for advertisers.
Advertisers have the unique opportunity to get their message out in front of a wide audience who’s specifically and actively seeking their products. Because search engine users illustrate their intent by typing in certain queries in the engines, advertisers can then assess the quality of the traffic that ultimately leads to clicking on their ads.

2. Benefits for searchers.
Studies show that searchers click on paid search type ads more frequently than any other kind of digital advertising available. This indicates that users don’t actually mind being advertised to, given that the services and products they’re seeking actually serve their needs. Therefore, because everyone uses search engines to look for specific product and services, both the ads and results are usually highly related to what the user is looking for. Also, Google has cleverly developed a superior formula to ensure that all PPC ads perfectly meet the user’s ultimate needs.

3. Benefits the search engines.
PPC makes it possible to cater to both advertisers and searchers simultaneously. Searchers include their specific user-base, while the advertisers give them a stream of revenue. The primary goal of the search engines is to provide very relevant results, while offering a revenue-driving, highly targeted advertising avenue.

The special advantage of PPC marketing is that ad networks, including Google, don’t simply reward the highest bidders for a particular ad space, but they reward the best quality ads; meaning those ads that are highly popular in the eyes of the users. Basically, Google and other search engines reward good performance. Therefore, the better quality the ads, the greater the chance of click-through rates and thus lowering the overall costs.

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